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7 advocacy providers under one banner

Our service is available to residents of Essex (excluding Southend, Thurrock and London Boroughs) who have no other appropriate support available to address a complex issue.

Our professional advocates enable people without the right support around them to have their voice heard when:


•decisions are being taken about their health and social care

•support is needed to make informed choices about their life

•they wish to make a complaint about NHS care or treatment


Our formal advocacy and non-statutory mental health advocacy is for vulnerable adults over the age of 18. Our NHS Complaints Advocacy service is for people of all ages.


Independent (Issue-based) Advocacy


Essex Advocacy’s advocates will empower people to speak up about an issue or problem, or will speak on their behalf in order to support them through that issue.


Advocates take action to help people to say what they want, secure their rights, represent their interests and be in a position to obtain the services they need.


Issue-based advocacy is a one to one partnership between the person and the advocate. It is a short term involvement, dealing with a specific issue in the person’s life. The advocates involvement is time limited according to the nature of the issue and might typically last for a few weeks or months.


When the issue is resolved or the advocate is unable to support the person further, the advocacy relationship is terminated until it might be required again for a different issue. As the advocacy delivered is issue-based, we must emphasise that the relationship with the advocate is not a long term one.


For advocacy to be most effective, it is essential that you are clear about the issue you are seeking advocacy support with.  We need to understand exactly what the situation is and what the specific advocacy issue is.

If you need help to clarify what the specific advocacy issue is, the team at Essex Advocacy can be contacted via phone, e-mail or text, and will be pleased to help you.


Essex Advocacy services are free and independent from local authority social services and the NHS.



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